Peers' rules					03/95	Witney

1. Each peer has to remember he/she/it is a leader of his/her/its clan's 
   members. It is his/her/its job to rule the clan to its best by his/her/its
   knowledge and power. Each peer has to obey the peers' rules and the 
   instructions of the clan leader, the lord of the peerage domain, the 
   archwizards and Demos. A peer should be an example for good behaviour.

2. Be friendly to all players in TubMud. Help them to understand the run
   of events in a clan and in whole TubMud as well.

3. Don't present your clan as better than others. Avoid backbiting other
   clans or peers.

4. You are not allowed to give away solutions of quests, major hints or cheats
   to clanmembers or other players.

5. A peer will not spoil the game by giving excessive help with
   his/her/its weapon arm, magical resources, valuable items or
   equipment to clanmembers or any other player.

6. Take care of your members. This means, help them to keep a good behaviour.
   If you see one of them behaving badly, try talking to him/her/it about it -
   and about other things like his/her/its ideas and ambitions in and about
   TubMud and discuss them with other members, peers and wizards.

7. A peer is free to be creative in organizing and forming his clan not 
   only in rooms, items and monsters, but also in structure and philosophy.
   For this, a peer is free to set rules for his clanspeople or request 
   taxes or favours from them if these do not violate any rules for players 
   or peers in TubMud.

8. Last and almost most important rule: Don't forget to have fun and try to 
   make life in your clan and TubMud nice and funny for you, your friends
   and all other people in TubMud.

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