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The Noldor Clan

The Noldors are one of the three Kindreds of Elves. The Noldor Clan joins players of all genders and ages in its home at Minas Anor, the Tower of the Setting Sun, a beautiful structure of sparkling white marble on an island in the middle of Lake Henneth Annun, Window of Sunset.

Usually Noldors fight against all evil, but they are also extremely curious, possessed with a desire to learn everything about their surroundings at any cost, which has caused more than one Noldor to fall from the path of light into the darkness.

The Noldors are friends to all elven kind, especially the woodelves. Thus they never bring any harm to them. Aside from that the clan tries to put as few restrictions as possible on its members.

The holy symbol of the Noldor Clan is the Silmaril, which was wrought by Feanor, first Highking of the Noldors in the First Age, and is regarded as the most precious and powerful jewel ever created, To this day the Noldors are the most skilled of the elves in crafting fine metalworks, weapons, armours and beautiful jewelry.

In the smithy of Jamir, who lives in the Noldor village, it is possible to prove your craftman's skills by forging swords or other weapons. Those who enjoy mining may even get the necessary ore themselves from the nearby mountains; Jamir will gladly help and smelt it.

The main attraction of the Noldor village is Barliman Butterbur's famous inn, the Prancing Pony, where he offers not only many fine drinks but also lembas, the legendary elven waybread. .

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